The land of the rising sun

So here’s the stats…

127.5 million people, 6,000 islands, 13.3 million people in Tokyo alone.

We arrived peak hour in Tokyo (yes, where people are employed to push you onto an already packed train) and by 7.00pm had negotiated Narita Airport, Japan Rail, Shinjuku Station (a city itself) and the local metro…legends! All made relatively stress free by the constant flow of bubbles and an encouraging neighbour on the flight over and our AirBnB host’s 16 pages of navigation instructions. 

We met Oski the next morning and headed to the first of many temples, Sensō-ji in the beautiful Asakusa area. You pray, you pay in Japan, starting with the entry fee, next the insense, the blessings, the wishes, the prayers, the happy life and traffic safety charms, another blessing because my first one was shit and I had to tie it to a post and leave it behind. Then there is the exit through the gift shop followed by streets and streets of trinket sellers. 2 hours later, a lot lighter on the pocket but feeling very well blessed, stinking of insense, back on the metro, carrying bags of shiney things that evidently we need.  Happy days!

Completely fascinated with all the plastic food displays in the windows, accurately showing the exact contents of your meal. Favourite food concept so far is salad in a mason jar, second favourite puffer fish gills for flavouring your tea, third is vending machines (quite literally every corner) this genuinely takes all the pressure out of ever having to get in the kitchen. Just pop your coins in and presto, an evening meal for two. I’ve cooked every night since we’ve been away, Tony is a very lucky man!

One spectacular lunch at the tsutsuji fish market consisted of red tuna, fatty tuna, fish roe, sea urchin, eel, scallops and squid all served raw, Tony is still licking his lips. I had a mango.

The after party

We are keeping a low profile today, as Wayne was last seen surrounded by a bunch of wallaby supporters…..and not since!
It is morning now, and we are somewhat hungover after an all-nighter in Caxton Street. We’re remotely concerned for his safety but ultimately the first world problem this morning is…where to for lunch?

Day 4
Temp: 26c
Mood: Jaded
BMI: Love handles
Liane’s Anxiety: Numb
Tony’s frustration: Numb
Shopping: Not possible


Sorry for your loss!

Now completely deaf on our right hand side from the LOUD and opinionated Dingo sitting behind us. Occupying two seats to fit his ample arse, he was full of advice for the match fit athletes and the ref. The woman next to us opined that he should pop onto the field for a wee go himself…brilliant suggestion!!
I turned around at full time to express sincerest condolences – but there was just Dingo dust left on his seats. Go the All Blacks! Great game, great venue, great company.

Day 3
Match day
Temp: 25c
Mood: Still relaxed
Liane’s anxiety: Anaesthetised for lack of love of large crowds
Tony’s frustration: EXTREME due to Roy being on ‘Reg time’ on match day (seated within minutes of Haka, wouldn’t have happened on your watch Mr Leonard)
Shopping: Very successful due to banker’s lack of focus on match day
Alcohol intake: plentiful but measured


Who knew!

I’m sorry madam, but you cannot order alcohol before 10.00am. It is a Queensland State rule. How about a coffee instead?
How about a coffee instead!!!! ??
Well that just flat lined the champagne breakfast concept. That frustration is going to need shopping off.

Day 2
Location: Broadbeach
Temp: 25c
Liane’s anxiety: through the roof
Tony’s care factor: zero
Alcohol intake: also zero
Shopping: 5 solid hours
Tan: still transparent
BDI: Slim and match fit from shopping
Note to self: chin up even higher


Seven selfies in Surfer’s

Well technically it’s 9 days and we’re not in Surfers, but that would be spoiling the story. We had considered 9 nudies at noon, but that would be inappropriate for children and pensioners and seeing as that is the majority of our audience …we refrain.
So here are the stats….

Day 1
Location: Our balcony at the Meriton Broadbeach
Temp: 24c
Time: Midday
Mood: Relaxed
Liane’s anxiety: Low
Tony’s frustration: Low
Body Mass Index: skinny

Note to Self: Lift chin


The last post!

So after 3 weeks, 12,000 miles, 450 women’s clothes stores, and the tolerance of a Catalonian monk, I have finally reached the Holy Grail…the Barcelona Football Club! We of course purchased the hat, shirt, DVD, club sponsorship, naming rights and possibly the stadium, but it’s been worth it! Sadly, it comes at an even bigger cost – I owe Liane a full day of galleries and the zoo tomorrow.

My wife I believe is Spanish, she finally fits with the short, arm flailing, over dramatic, female population here, I think she has met her calling. I on the other hand, large and ginger(ish) am still a target for prostitutes, hawkers, gypsies and anyone who wants their photo taken.

We took a punt in Barcelona and stayed out on the Marina, which has been fantastic. Our view is both of the marina and back into the city, which by day and night is busy and ever changing. It is a must come back destination we have enjoyed it immensely.
Adios, see you soon x




The last Travel Tip: If you are a single male on the hunt – buy a small dog! Women all over Europe are ogling, petting and talking to men’s small canines…you heard it here first!