Who knew!

I’m sorry madam, but you cannot order alcohol before 10.00am. It is a Queensland State rule. How about a coffee instead?
How about a coffee instead!!!! ??
Well that just flat lined the champagne breakfast concept. That frustration is going to need shopping off.

Day 2
Location: Broadbeach
Temp: 25c
Liane’s anxiety: through the roof
Tony’s care factor: zero
Alcohol intake: also zero
Shopping: 5 solid hours
Tan: still transparent
BDI: Slim and match fit from shopping
Note to self: chin up even higher


1 thought on “Who knew!

  1. Great to c you both having a fun time in the sun. You might have not had a glass of wine, but I have liane as we have been down to duck creek -what a lovely meal. Let our friend out this afternoon from your place – your dog I mean. Love mum

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