Seven selfies in Surfer’s

Well technically it’s 9 days and we’re not in Surfers, but that would be spoiling the story. We had considered 9 nudies at noon, but that would be inappropriate for children and pensioners and seeing as that is the majority of our audience …we refrain.
So here are the stats….

Day 1
Location: Our balcony at the Meriton Broadbeach
Temp: 24c
Time: Midday
Mood: Relaxed
Liane’s anxiety: Low
Tony’s frustration: Low
Body Mass Index: skinny

Note to Self: Lift chin


2 thoughts on “Seven selfies in Surfer’s

  1. Hope banker is coping alright and you don’t get tans in shopping centre accept fake ones Have bubbly in room for breakfast feasts ,

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