The last post!

So after 3 weeks, 12,000 miles, 450 women’s clothes stores, and the tolerance of a Catalonian monk, I have finally reached the Holy Grail…the Barcelona Football Club! We of course purchased the hat, shirt, DVD, club sponsorship, naming rights and possibly the stadium, but it’s been worth it! Sadly, it comes at an even bigger cost – I owe Liane a full day of galleries and the zoo tomorrow.

My wife I believe is Spanish, she finally fits with the short, arm flailing, over dramatic, female population here, I think she has met her calling. I on the other hand, large and ginger(ish) am still a target for prostitutes, hawkers, gypsies and anyone who wants their photo taken.

We took a punt in Barcelona and stayed out on the Marina, which has been fantastic. Our view is both of the marina and back into the city, which by day and night is busy and ever changing. It is a must come back destination we have enjoyed it immensely.
Adios, see you soon x




The last Travel Tip: If you are a single male on the hunt – buy a small dog! Women all over Europe are ogling, petting and talking to men’s small canines…you heard it here first!

8 thoughts on “The last post!

  1. Glad you 2 have enjoyed yourself, at that last hotel in Barcelona.
    Well you have a large dog – don’t know if women all over Kapiti will be ogling, petting talking to you etc Tony. What time do you arrive in Wellington for Bob to pick up you and all that luggage, do we need extra car????. Is it still 10am Friday morning. Look forward to seeing u back with us. Have party my place for Oscar, me, Melody on Sat around 2pm and later dinner. Hope you will not be asleep, as we could use your help Tony with the regular B/Cue stunt, that you do so well. Lots of love to you both. Annie xxxxxxxxxxx

    • Hi Annie, we arrive at 1.00pm at Wellington Friday afternoon 29th, is that still Ok for a pick up. If not we can get a shuttle no problems. Yes Tony will help with the BBQ, love too you both xxx I miss the Boodie, hope it’s not too large!

      Sent from my iPad

      • 2 Tonne of dog poo, 5 cubic metres of cat hair, 10 million assorted fleas and one arm 100cm longer than the other – I will be waiting with joyful anticipation.

  2. I have loved the blogs ,sounds like you have had a marvellous time ,i always thought Liane had a bit of latin blood in her now you have comfirmed it haha,I hope you can fit all Lianes cloths and shoes on the plane,look forward to seeing you both love Del

  3. Annie got in first on your dogs stature.Just as well you’re married as Bella isn’t much of a chick magnet Tony!!! Look forward to your return Imelda & Saint Tone xxx

  4. Love the Nou Camp photos very jelous might have too blow that up as my desktop photo and replace the one i have of the Allianz Arena. Love the blog guys keep it up

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