Sorry for your loss!

Now completely deaf on our right hand side from the LOUD and opinionated Dingo sitting behind us. Occupying two seats to fit his ample arse, he was full of advice for the match fit athletes and the ref. The woman next to us opined that he should pop onto the field for a wee go himself…brilliant suggestion!!
I turned around at full time to express sincerest condolences – but there was just Dingo dust left on his seats. Go the All Blacks! Great game, great venue, great company.

Day 3
Match day
Temp: 25c
Mood: Still relaxed
Liane’s anxiety: Anaesthetised for lack of love of large crowds
Tony’s frustration: EXTREME due to Roy being on ‘Reg time’ on match day (seated within minutes of Haka, wouldn’t have happened on your watch Mr Leonard)
Shopping: Very successful due to banker’s lack of focus on match day
Alcohol intake: plentiful but measured


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