Olé amigos

Valencia is extremely pretty and very polite, definitely our favourite so far. With tapas, sangria and gin bars on every corner, there are certainly no concerns we will run out of fuel stations.
Tony chose our eating venue last night, his only requirements being a large TV to keep a lazy eye on the Euro 2012 match between Spain and Croatia. Turns out, as it so often does when you can’t speak the language, that we were seated in front of the only TV in ALL of Spain playing the Italy and Ireland game.
Our waiter, saddened by the fact that we were complete losers, offered us a bet of free food and drink for the correct score. Tonys pick of 2-0 to the Italians came through, and with our table piled high with empty tapas plates, sangria jugs, and gin glasses, we walked out of there over 3 hours later not having paid a thing! Go the Italians!

Here’s Tony at the sports bar with his Sangria and Tapas – and if you look closely you will see he is saying…Jesus woman, would you just bloody well hurry up and take the godamn photo!
Also the view from our balcony at night, and the orange bird Tony’s going to replace me with if I buy any more shoes.




Travel Tip 8:
When eating tapas, remove the toothpick before consuming.

18 thoughts on “Olé amigos

  1. At least you will be replacing one orange bird with another!. Do you need to buy extra bags to carry all that gear Liane. Looking forward to seeing what you have brought. Going to Oscar’s play tonight – its West side story. Save me some tapa’s Tony – I love them. Love to you both. xxxxxxxx

      • Loved the play – West side story. Took Johnny, and the girls. They were all rapted with it all. Oscar was wonderful. Who would have thought Oscar would be on the stage. Johnny is thinking also that now he will do some plays next year. You would have been proud with Oscar. Bella still taking Dad for walks each day. Yesterday was a doosie, Bella took to wanting to make friends with several dogs in the area, on his walk. It took all of Dads strength (which is not much) to hold onto him. At night wont leave Dads side – wants pats all the time. Bella will expect the same when you get home. The others (animals are missing you as well). Luve Annie xxxx

  2. Well if you have to sit and watch sport, then shoe shopping is a fair trade! Do you want me to pop over and carry the shoes home for you….. x

  3. For such a small person you must have a lot of feet, the Sallys in Paraparaumu are going to open a shoe stall as soon as you get back. With Tony saying Jesus Woman regarding the photos I can only assume you have taken a religious stance in Spain and are praying like the locals, may I remind you Jesus survived on 1 pair of Roman Sandles………..

  4. Sounds like you are having fun,better still when you get your meal free,you won’t believe Reg has spent some money too Liane he has bought 2 new tv’s today one for the lounge and rplaced the kitchen one as well ,might not be any money for kids left

  5. Sounds like you two are having a great time! Glad to hear Liane you are ‘keeping the faith’ and buying lots of shoes, what else is a girl to do! Lots of love to you both. Can’t wait to see the new shoes!!

  6. Have finally figured out why you need some many shoes and bags, you will be mixing with the wealthy and famous when you go to the Formula 1 GP which is around the streets of Valencia this weekend..now it all makes sense..hope you have some matching earmuffs

  7. Sadly we have now left Valencia but we did get to drive around the track last Sunday in a double decker open top bus. Took some pics on camera especially for you of the banners etc.

  8. Surrogate mother went to see Oscars show last night. Who knew he was so athletic and fighty? Must get it from his mother…….or maybe it’s Bellas influence????

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