Au Revoir

Having passively smoked well over two million cigarettes, it is with heavy lungs we leave Paris. I sadly leave behind all the shoes and handbags I didn’t purchase, and we head to Madrid where I will single-handedly try to resurrect the Spanish economy.
Here is a piccy of Tony at the rear end of Notre Dame – we couldn’t be bothered queueing at the business end, and as Tony has become something of a ‘Gypsy’ magnet, it is safer for us to skulk around the back of places.




Travel Tip 6: It appears that Tony has managed to drop about 8 gold wedding bands in just a short distance walking around the Lourve. Thankfully the honest and caring Gypsies are on hand to alert him to this, and want nothing more than just a few Euros for their efforts in handing them back….


Travel Tip 7: Either don’t carry so many gold rings around that are so obviously going to get lost, or use the opportunity to have in-depth discussions with the Gypsies about the benefits of lying and thieving

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