7 thoughts on “Hello world! (or a couple of readers)

  1. Hi from New Zealand. Just looked at your blog. Now I know where to go. Hope all is well. Love Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxxx

      • Have you received my reply about warren being at troy etc? and Dad taking Bella for a walk every day to your place to feed the other family? All is well here – Oscar is now with us and the ball is on tomorrow. Nice to hear from you. Lots of love Mum and Dad

      • Thanks that’s great news. Who’s taking who for a walk. Good to hear Warren is still moving around and that you are all well. Did Oscar get a haircut for the ball or will he be looking like a gorilla. Are you going to his production also? Lots of love xx

  2. Oscar has not had a haircut. Met his lady friend hes going to the ball with – what a cutie. Todays temp is 6degrees – been to netball it was still on even though it was raining – hell it was cold. Love those bathing shorts tony. – All well here.

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